Food Editor

13,722 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2   +2

Ever wanted to make carrots heal you more? Think potatoes shouldn't be as OP as they are now? Want people to eat more rotten flesh? Or are you a modpack maker who wants to better control the food values in the game?


Welcome to Food Editor - SA edition. The edition really doesn't matter... anyhoo, this mod basically allows you to edit food values for a given instance of MC. Did I mention that it can also load up server values too? If a server runs this mod, and players don't want to download a config file... et al, the server will sync the values on login.


Now how does this all work? The edits are saved into a file named: food.json . In this file, you can add and remove different settings, customizing the total edibility of any MC food. If you don't want to sit and edit JSON files, don't fret, we've added in a command, just for you!

/sa [food] [hunger_value] [saturation_value]


That'll allow you to change hunger values in game. Do note that you must be OP'ed in order to run the command. Also note that you can't remove an item once it's on the "edited" list, only reset it back to it's original value via the command. That's about it, just a mod to edit your food values


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