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notice: food bosses is on hiatus for the time being. in 1.20, instead of porting, the mod will be remade from the ground up with new stuff and better quality!


do you like pizza? do you like popcorn? do you like ice cream? well they're certainly not as happy with you...

food bosses is back!!!!!

food bosses has been remastered from top to bottom! the foods are back and have been completely overhauled; and on the side, fresh, out-of-the-oven new foods have been added as well!

what is food bosses?

food bosses is a mod that's pretty self-explanatory. food bosses adds foods which are alive and attack the player, bringing a whole new meaning to "food fight"...


unhealthy foods are hostile. though unlike your normal hostile mobs, these delicious but deadly mobs aren't just out to get the player; they'll attack villagers, illagers, and pretty much any other mob that they see as humanoid (optional; this can be changed in the config)

healthy foods are passive. they will fight unhealthy foods naturally, and do not attack the player. great friends to grow!



full playlist: click!


below is a list of all the bosses currently in the mod and what they do:



the very food that started food bosses. just like in the original, you must craft the pizza, however the items have changed drastically. instead of crafting or smelting, you now must find the ingredients from different places, including trading with villagers!


topping toss - in the remaster, pizza now has a chance to spawn a random topping upon being hurt. it'll also toss toppings at you if you let it loiter around! trust me, these things multiply like crazy if not dealt with quickly...


pizza slices - in the original, the pizza would fall apart into 8 slices upon being killed by the player; each slice doing the same thing. in the remaster, however, the slices fall of as you fight the pizza! each slice will continuously spawn the toppings that correspond to what topping the slice is themed!


pepperoni - like in the original, pepperoni is pretty simple. it'll run up and bonk you, dealing 3 half-hearts of damage per hit. easy to take out!


sausage - sausage is a dangerous topping. when it's thrown by the pizza, 5 of them are thrown at once! all 5 of them are crazy-quick, however they can only deal a half-heart of damage per hit.


mushroom - just like the original mod, mushrooms will spawn in groups of 5 and attack the player. 4 of them are fake; the real one will explode like a creeper upon death, however it now waits 2 seconds before doing so, giving you time to escape!


bacon - the craziest of the toppings, don't let the bacon get you! if it attacks you, it'll attach onto you, flinging you all over the place and making you an easy target for the other toppings!


pineapple chunk - still the most annoying topping. it runs faster than any of the other toppings, has more health than any other topping, and is now even more annoying of a topping as when they attack you, they will knock you way back! on top of this, pineapple still has the ability to make people argue about whether pineapple belongs on pizza


olive - olives are more "support" than any of the other toppings. if they hit you, they will wrap around you and trap you in place for 5 seconds. olive would make great friends with bacon!


pepper - even after being toned down, don't stand near this topping! in the remaster, peppers now have a delay before they explode like creepers, which means they won't just one-shot you if you get too close to them anymore. spicy!


melty cheese - this isn't really a topping like the other toppings, but that doesn't mean it can't kill you! the pizza has a random chance to throw 3 blobs of melty cheese out, which turn into puddles of melty cheese. if you stand in one of these puddles, you'll immediately get set on fire! watch your step!


defeated the pizza? congratulations! you now get to command your own army of toppings! when you kill a pizza slice, it'll drop whatever topping it was; by right-clicking, you can throw a topping out, and it will be your buddy and help you kill everything in sight! it has a cooldown though.


popcorn bag

this is probably the one food that has changed the most from the original food bosses. its recipe is still the same as usual; hunt for popcorn kernels, collect 81 of them and craft them into the popcorn bag.

the popcorn bag is now a "time limit"-based boss. when you summon the popcorn bag, it will immediately start to heat up and pop! don't let the popcorn bag get too big, or it'll explode and you'll be left with a huge mess of popcorn to clean up!


leap - the popcorn bag will stop for a second, before suddenly leaping at you! if you get hit, you'll take 5 damage! it'll make a sound to warn you when it does this, so you've gotta jump out of the way to avoid it!


fire stomp - don't see the popcorn bag anywhere? i'd watch out for the skies if i were you! the popcorn bag will jump high into the air, before landing with a shockwave! anything still standing on the ground nearby will not only be sent flying into the air, but also will be set ablaze!


kernel swarm - each time you hit the popcorn bag, it has a chance to rip open and 3 kernels will fall out. little do you know that while you're distracted with the kernels, it'll give the popcorn bag more time to pop more kernels!


explode - as mentioned, you're on a time limit when you fight the popcorn bag. if you don't kill the popcorn bag in time, too many kernels will have popped into popcorn inside of the bag, and it'll violently explode!!! if you're still not dead after that, congrats, you now have over 100 popcorn! and all 100 of them would be more than happy to come greet their enemy...

warning: the popcorn bag explosion sound is extremely loud (don't boost the volume). you can disable the explosion sound using the config


if you defeat the popcorn bag in time, congrats! you now have your own popcorn bazooka-wait what!?!? a popcorn bazooka!? yes! if you have kernels in your off-hand and right-click while holding the popcorn bazooka, you will fire out a kernel missile which will explode on whatever it hits! be careful though; each time a kernel explodes, a popcorn will emerge from it. while this popcorn will fight the nearest mob it can find, if it kills the mob, it'll go after you! you don't wanna end up with more popcorn than you can handle...


ice cream bowl

i scream, you scream... we all scream BECAUSE of ice cream!!! the ice cream bowl will spawn in ice cream shops like in the original, but with a twist:

ice cream shop

as lunchland is the only thing that has not returned in food bosses: reheated, the ice cream shop will now instead spawn in plains and savanna biomes. every ice cream shop will have a villager living inside of it. the villager is an ice cream employee and will offer you very filling ice cream for just a few emeralds! yum!

but don't go running up to this villager with your pockets full of dimes just yet! whenever you find an ice cream shop, there's a 50% chance that the villager inside is actually the ice cream bowl disguised as a villager, waiting for you to get closer! i'd keep my money in my pants!


spoon swipe - if you get too close to the ice cream bowl, it'll attack you with its spoon! the spoon swipe is the ice cream bowl's most basic and common attack.


scoops - be careful about how you attack the ice cream bowl! whenever you hit the ice cream bowl, each half-heart of damage you deal has a chance to cause an ice cream scoop to fall out of the ice cream bowl, and it will not hesitate to defend its owner! like in the original, scoops will melt after death, slowing anything within the puddle caused by melting.


sallop - don't make the ice cream bowl angry, because it might just call its entire menu of ice cream on you! every 14 seconds, the ice cream bowl will "sallop"; after doing this, an ice cream will emerge somewhere near the ice cream bowl! it can be one of 5 ice cream-related foods:


ice cream cone - this was probably the one returning food that stayed the same as the original mod mechanically. just like in the original, the ice cream cone's scoops weigh it down but are also dependents for its strength; knocking the scoops off will weaken the cone but speed it up!

ice cream sandwich - the heaviest ice cream of the bunch. if you get too close, it will slowly wind up, before suddenly slamming down on you! this can disable your shield if you are blocking, and sends you flying into the air!

whipped cream - this one's kinda just a distraction. it'll get in your face and stay close to you; if you dent the whipped cream from attacking it though, it'll suddenly spray whipped cream foam everywhere before exploding into even more foam! just like the ice cream scoops, whipped cream foam will slow any non-unhealthy-food mob that walks through it. i'd just ignore this ice cream if i were you...

ice cream golem - whipped cream's sidekick. upon summoning, it will immediately bombard you with a blizzard of ice cream balls, which will slow you down! kill the ice cream golem to regain your speed!

chocolate syrup - ah yes the chocolate syrup! when this one summons, it will suddenly teleport to a random location. after teleporting, it will erupt with chocolate syrup directly at the ice cream bowl! if the ice cream bowl is hit by the chocolate syrup, it will not only be immune to all damage, but slowly heal! kill the chocolate syrup to make the ice cream bowl vulnerable again!


shatter - killed the ice cream bowl? good; you just now have to survive all the minions it spawned, in addition to 9 extra scoops! when the ice cream bowl is killed, it will shatter, leaving behind 9 extra scoops of ice cream to finish you off.


after shattering the ice cream bowl, it will leave behind an item known as the sprinkles! the sprinkles are an item that's best used with other items; when thrown, wherever the sprinkles land will create a storm cloud, raining more sprinkles down and hurting anything they hit! it gets better; if you directly hit a mob with the sprinkles, it'll freeze the mob from moving around, hitting it with even more sprinkles!


special thanks to TechnoVision and TurtyWurty for their excellent forge modding tutorials. without their help, this remaster would simply not be possible.

i would also like to credit Mowzie's Mobs, as some of the code in this mod was borrowed from that mod.

some sounds come from https://www.zapsplat.com/, others come from The Sounds Resource (specifically, the ice cream bowl shattering)


the game crashed! what happened?

thanks for reporting the crash! though i'll need more information about this to help you; most importantly, i need to see the crash report so i can figure out where the mod is screwing up. create a new issue about your crash on the issues tab, then upload your crash report to a website such as Pastebin and link to it within your issue!


will food bosses be ported to (version/modloader)?

yes, ports to newer versions such as 1.18 are coming very soon! unfortunately as much as i'd love to support older versions and the fabric modloader, code changes a lot between versions which means new content could take twice as long to come out if i backported to for example, 1.12, and i've never learned fabric. if you want to make these ports yourself, please contact me first to ask for permission to create the port.


can i put this mod in a modpack?

yeah of course you can! no need to ask for permission, go ahead!


can i make mod showcases/mob battles/other material of this mod?

yes, that's fine. just make sure to credit me for the mod by leaving a link back to this page.


when will the new update come out?

to be honest, it's way too unpredictable. trust me, i would tell the community if i knew when the new update would come out, but i never know if i could get stuck fixing a bug somewhere down the road. i'm not really a professional studio with a schedule, i'm just a random guy on the internet who learned how to code mods.


future plans

foodpocalypse; if you don't know, food bosses takes place in the middle of an apocalypse. after the events of a restaurant business gone horribly wrong, the foods are now in the middle of overrunning the overworld; the world needs your help! i plan to add a "points" system that reinforces the foodpocalypse; if an unhealthy food kills a mob, the foodpocalypse will gain one point, but killing unhealthy foods reduces the points! if the foods get enough points, the foodpocalypse will increase to a new level and become even stronger and more dangerous! and just warning: there will be severe consequences for not killing unhealthy foods...


food fights! food fights are a new invasion event called by unhealthy foods, where the unhealthy foods attempt to destroy you by swarming your base! maybe this could scale in difficulty with the foodpocalypse's current level?


and of course, many more foods are planned! this includes healthy foods, unhealthy foods, and toys! i also plan to add healthy food plants, which can be grown by the player; grow your own army of healthy foods and combat the foodpocalypse with them!!!



youtube channel: Yellowbross Productions

join the discord! - for cool updates, mod discussion, or just to chat!


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have fun!