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Do you hate the look of the strikethrough style of 1.14 and above?

Does it trigger your OCD to see it off by one little pixel?

Do you wish that could be fixed?



My name is ZombieHDGaming and I am one of the current dev of VanillaFix and JEID. After putting so many hours into a server project of mine in 1.15, the strikethrough look in 1.14 and above really triggered my OCD seeing that style be off by one pixel and I decided to fix it with my Mixin knowledge! To be honest, it was literally changing a 4.5 in the text rendering code to just be a 4, but hey, IT WORKS.

Currently, all this mod does is fix that one little issue for the strikethrough style (1.14 will be supported as well after initial release), but there is a chance it will do more later down the line!



Q: Will Forge be supported at some point?
I do intend to make a Forge version of this down the line once Mixins is a built-in library for Forge.


Q: But there's MixinBootstrap and it already takes care of that!

A: Ummm, no. As much as I'm glad people are supporting that, I'd rather wait and know it's fully stable over use a hacky way of doing it and it causing issues I can't fix.