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This is the official Curse page for Floocraft by FredTargaryen.


Floocraft brings the quaint Harry Potter teleportation system into the Minecraft world. Simply craft some Floo Powder, throw it into a lit fireplace and choose your destination. Fireplaces can be any length, height or shape, can be made of most cube-shaped blocks including from other mods, and can even have Redstone incorporated into them.


The official "wiki" is available here, and you can see the source code here.


This intro video, the original booster of Floocraft's popularity, is provided by TheDiamondMinecart. Please note that it uses an old version; since then some features have been added, such as a short random teleport when you touch a Floo fire, and a way of looking out of other fireplaces for free instead of travelling there.



For polls and discussion (which can directly affect the mod), please visit the thread, or my new Twitter page.

Issues? Please report them here or on the mod's GitHub issue page.


Floocraft version 1.8+ is compatible with Mirage (known as Albedo in 1.11.2), a client-side coloured lighting mod! Get it here for a gorgeous green glow.

Version 1.9+ brings teleportation for Villagers, dropped items and other mobs (disabled by default), and the ability to look into other fireplaces for free instead of going there!


Please note that this mod is only being maintained for Minecraft 1.16.3, with bug fixes for 1.15.2.