Flaxbeard's Steam Power

836,976 Downloads Last Updated: May 20, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Esteemed Innovation Journal

There are entries for all of the gadgets, tools, devices, and concepts in the mod, in the spiffy Esteemed Innovation journal. It includes recipes, even for alloying with the metalcasting devices.


The first devices in the mod, the Carving Table, Crucible, and Mold. These devices allow you to cast metals, gild metals, and create new alloys like Brass. Molds let you form these into different material forms, like plates, ingots, and nuggets.

Steam Generation

Steam is generated in the boilers using solid fuels and water. It can be stored in tanks, transported with pipes, and steam content can be measured with the steam gauge.

Steam Heaters

One of the steam devices, the Steam Heater, uses steam to heat up vanilla furnaces (and crucibles!) instead of solid fuel directly. Using the steam heater adds a boost of smelting speed, efficiency, and allows you to create better cooked foods.

Steam Hammers

The Steam Hammer is a machine that allows you to use an anvil with a steam cost instead of experience.

Steam Exosuit

The Exosuit is a modular armor suit that you can upgrade with many, many upgrades in the Engineering Table. Each piece can have 2 upgrades.


The Thumper is the mod's automining solution. It thumps the rock beneath it, leaving no visible damage from the surface. It drops all of its mined resources in the hole created, which can be gathered using a Vacuum.