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I will no longer be updating any of my mods!


Furnace Shovel now smelts anything you can mine with a shovel that has a valid smelting recipe.

Furnace Sword will light mobs and players(as long as PVP is on) on fire

IronFlameSword has no recipe as of now but this is where the magic happens.


There is a chance when a Skeleton is hit with this sword that it will change to a Wither Skeleton.

There is also a chance that when a Wither Skeleton is hit it will change to the Wither

There is a chance that when an Enderman is hit it will change to the Ender Dragon.


Crafting Recipes are:


Make a flint sword (stick and some flint)


then whack an iron block to light it and get yourself a Burning Sword. 


Next throw that sword in lava and be rewarded with a incinerating sword.


The next one requires something not in the game in Vanilla, you will need Thermal Expansion for this.


To get a Scorching Sword you need to throw it in some Blazing Pyrotheum. (Note: I never got a chance to test this part, let me know if it doesn't work


To get the last tier it needs to be thrown into the breath of the dragon.


 If you have any feedback feel free to comment here or find me on irc on esper.net, i have a channel for another mod i make, #StevesPantry

Note: I'm still working out the balancing of the mod so things may change drastically