Fins and Tails

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Filename fins-1.5.0.jar
Uploaded by Coda1552
Uploaded May 22, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 1.98 MB
Downloads 10,461
MD5 7296d708f6cd534b1d8f8c17feee793d
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Java 8
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- Added a new enchantment, Crab's Favor (applicable to swords and axes, makes creatures drop more xp)
- Added a new fish, the Gopjet
- Added Gopjet Jetpack

- Added a new creature, the Rubber Belly Glider
- Added support for the Enchantment Descriptions mod
- Added an incomplete Chinese translation (Thanks to Spinoyonyx)
- Added a Russian translation (Thanks to PoopHead27)
- Added a French translation (Thanks to Coyote)
- Added a Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thanks to Rex_Sauro)
- Added a config option for fins and tails fish to appear in the fishing loot table (true by default)
- Added a music disc, Crashing Tides, which is obtained as a gift from Fisherman villagers after completing a raid
- Reworked Spindly Gem Crabs
     * Changed the item (each crab variant now has it's own item)
     * Spindly Gem Crabs now have their own gem & gem block for each variant (Emerald, Pearl, Amber, Sapphire, and Ruby)
     * Renamed the Spindly Gem Crab Gem item and block to Spindly Gem (only in the lang file, internally it's the same as before)
     * Renamed Gem Crab Amulet to Spindly Gem Charm (only in the lang file, internally it's the same as before)
     * Added gem charms for the new gems, each of which gives a different status effect to the player when on 4 hearts or less
- Reworked the Crab Cruncher (added a GUI, and reworked how it functions)
- Made river pebble snails faster in water
- Tweaked saturation values of food
- Updated the fishing loot table
- Updated wandering trader trades
- Uppercutting enchantment is now obtainable from enchanting
- Fluked Edge enchantment books are no longer found in buried treasure chests, and instead are rarely obtained from enchanting
- Fixed heart of the sea being replaced in buried treasure chests
- Fixed Mudhorse spawn rate
- Fixed Mudhorse pouches deleting items