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This mod is a Winterjam entry that ambitiously adds a new Winter themed dimension, complete boss, and mobs and a new weapon. This mod is in early alpha. Expect bugs.


Frozen Zombie - a Cold variant of the existing Zombie. Applies Slowness II on hitting a mob. Additionally, freezes water around it. Will also do a Zombie Call regardless of difficulty.

Snow Spider - A white variant of the spider. It has a special attack that places a Freezing Cobweb at it's victim's place. Dealing damage and slowing them. This attack has a recharge time represented by the spider's glowing abdomen.

Cold Creeper - a white variant of the existing creeper. Gains Speed II when walking on snow. When it explodes, it places Soft Snow - snow which can be walked through, and slows non-frost mobs in it.

The Boss: Sentinel

The ticket to the Winterfall Dimension. This mysterious boss can only be summoned via a special ritual. By surrounding a Dormant Sentinel block with Snow and right clicking it with a Pure Snowflake, unleash this boss onto the world.

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