FFS - Fancy Fluid Storage

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What is FFS?

What is a fluid?

How do I store it?

What else can I do with it?


Those questions have been asked over the past decades, if not even centuries.

Back then nobody has thought of storing parts of an ocean in an aquarium or a swimming pool in their backyard (damn you rich people! *shakes fist*)


The answers to those questions were relatively simple though:

fluid is a substance that continually deforms (flows) under an applied shear stress.

Fluids can be stored in tanks or similar structures.

Other things you can do with them would be... well... swimming pools, in which you can take a nice, relaxing bath, for example (I don't know what else there is!)


However, you are not here to know about the specifics behind those words.

You are here because you are interested in one of the best, if not the best (well, okay, probably not the best, but far up on the list, I promise!), fluid storage solution there is!

Our scientists have been experimenting for several years what the best approach for it would be.

And at some point, they've actually succeeded...


Introducing: Fancy Fluid Storage!


Storing fluids has never been easier!

Just build yourself a multiblock structure, put a Tank Valve into the wall of the structure and BOOM!


Jerry! Did you tell them to right click the valve to activate the tank as well? ...

God DAMN it, Jerry! That's the 7th time this week!

Go to your office, pack your things and walk out of that door because you are FIRED!


Okay, sorry, that was... ahem... interesting.

Anyway! As you probably heard during that conversation, you need to right click the valve to activate the tank.

And then BOOM! - The tank is... probably valid, unless it has an open hole somewhere that you need to fix.


Now, you are probably thinking:

But what's so special about this mod that other fluid storage mods don't offer?


I'm glad you ask.

With our advanced fluid storage technology, you are not limited to a cuboid structure.

This is possible due to years of experience and all new breakthroughs in science...

And because this fluid storage solution is crafted with love:



Also, since our technology features tile entity support... Well...

Many people have thought it was a myth, but I present to you:

The furnace tank!


Now go, my child.

Go and use the best one of the best fluid storage solutions out there and store all kinds of fluids in tanks!


I'll have to take care of some business . . .


Jerry! I told you to LEAVE! Don't you know what the term "fired" means?!

You've got 30 minutes! If your office isn't cleaned out I'm gonna throw you out regardless and throw everything out of the window!