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Filename ffenchants-1.14.4-1.2.0.jar
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Uploaded Sep 1, 2019
Game Version Forge
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- Added Crushing Blade
- Added Pillaging
- Added Steadfast
- Archer's revenge now increases arrow velocity and accuracy instead of dealing additional damage when arrows are stuck in the user.
- Archer's revenge is now a treasure enchantment
- Reworked vampiric - it now has a 1/5 chance at level 1, 1/4 chance at level 2, and 1/3 chance at level 3 to heal the wielder by 1 heart regardless of level. It will only heal if the attack indicator is full.
- Vampiric now does not heal health if the entity hit is an undead mob (zombies, skeletons, etc.)
- Vampiric is now a treasure enchantment
- Bloodlust has been reworked - it now applies strength to the wielder when they kill a mob
- Wither aspect is now a treasure enchantment
- The duration of wither aspect and poison aspect has been changed to 10 seconds and 5 seconds respectively.
- Removed a few enchantments that are in the previous (1.12) version. Why? Vanilla has added some new effects (such as exploding fireworks on crossbows, multi shot on crossbows etc.) which are similar to some previous enchantments, hence why they have been removed. That's not to say that more enchantments won't be added though.
- Bug fixes