Fexcraft Common Library

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Fexcraft Common Library
(for short 'FCL')

FCL is a Library (Forge) Mod which also includes an own API.
Initially it was an util package of FRSM, and with time it evolved
into an own Mod, firstly released for MC 1.10.2, and always either
shipped together with FRSM or available to download as stand-alone.

This isn't the case anymore in MC 1.11.2, starting from that version you
need to download FCL seperately, it isn't included in FRSM anymore.
FCL is an independent mod, and other mods depend on it. No confusion intended.



What does this Library/Api/Mod do and what is it needed for?
It's needed for most of my mods past 1.10.2 MC/Forge to be even able to launch.
It contains a lot of useful classes making the development of those mods easier
and thus faster.
(the text bellow is for the rewritten 1.11.2 version of FCL)
But now about the code part, if you ever made a mod for 1.8+ you will noticed
that unlike in 1.7, you need to register ItemBlocks for Blocks seperately, you need
to register Item/ItemBlock renderers, aswel as the things you always had to
register (TileEntities) or even had to make a proxy to register TESR/Entity Renders.
Now Imagine, to register your Block, an ItemBlock for it, all model variants and a TileEntity
is enough to just add one line of code in the Block's class. Yes, Annotations.
Same goes for Items and you can even register TESR's with one small Annotation.
Did I mention that goes for Entities aswel? :P
(automated entity render registry not implemented yet)

Tutorials on how to use FCL to make your own Mod comming soon!


License? http://fexcraft.net/license?id=mods


About the "Statistical Data" about which it's written in the License, it's a new feature of FCL XI.17+,
which sends basic publicly available data about your server (e.g. ip, motd, port) to the FCL Database.
You can disable it in the config, which also is editable in-game though the Forge-Modlist.
(it's the "Private Server" setting, set it to true.)
Also another feature is "version-logging", which loggs into database every time someone launches
Minecraft with FCL installed and the version of FCL, this sends also the UUID of the currently logged in user,
this can be aswel disabled in the config and there is even a possibility to delete all data from the database
with your UUID, if you wish so (W.I.P.).

Edit: from XI.18 and up, no data at all will be saved if you disable uuid sending. That's to save up DB space.

I have no obligation to write that information here as far as I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong).
But due to how humans are, I added features to disable Statistics.

This all is irrelevant if you play offline mode.



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