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Hi! First off, this mod is the continuation of my Feudal Weaponry [FABRIC] mod, available here. 



Unlike the fabric version (which is still in beta), this should not have any bugs whatsoever. The biggest difference, however, is perhaps that this forge version do not have the "reach" trait as that is perhaps the most complicated trait to add and can't be just copy-pasted from the fabric version.


I know the current mod-project logo is not the best, I litterarly created it in like 2 minutes. However, if you think and you would like to try making something more fitting, please feel free to contact me about it. :) The logo must be an image of size 400x400 pixels btw.


 Mod Vision and Goals

1. Fit into vanilla. It should feel like a natural extention of the vanilla combat system and it should not render vanilla tools and weapons useless in comparison. They should simply add some more options in playstyle. One can argue that having such extensive tooltips conflicts with this goal, but I figuered that was the easiest way to let player know what it does, at least until I get a wiki of some sort.


2. Add more variety in terms of combat styles. Two handed weapons are a great example of this, as they give players who are willing to sacrifice the option for a shield or a totem of undying in off-hand, for a more powerful weapon in main hand.


3. No weapon should be "the best" in every encounter. Weapons are different and are good at different things. If you are fighting heavily armored foes, f.example, it may be wise to swap out a sword for a weapon with the "bonecrusher" trait, as they deal damage that are not reduced by armor.


4. Weapons should have a "medievalistic" feel. However, this may not be limited to arms and armor from only the medieval period, but also periods before


5. It needs to be fairly simple, not too complicated. Everything should be mostly intuitive, hence fitting into vanilla. It should be FUN playing, and not frustrating.



Future Plans:

  1. Add a variety of round shields with different patterns.
  2. Add armor with special abilities/effects

The changes above may be split into seperate mod.




Q: Can you add viking and samurai armor and stuff too?

    A: Very good idea! I have been looking into ways to implement such a thing already. Although, I most likely won't be adding full suits of new armor sets, but rather add single pieces of armor that have special  effects. However, I am not an artist and am having a hard time making textures and models look 'good'.  If you would like to try, be my guest! :) Just dm me, and I will share with you the requirements (I am usually pretty fast at answering). Although, be aware that I may not use it unless I feel it looks right and I get time to implement it.


Q: Can you make it for 1.16.5?

     A: There are no difference between 1.16.4 and 1.16.5 apart from some tweaks for servers. Additionally, players with 1.16.4 clients can join 1.16.5 servers. There are therefore no reason to update to 1.16.5. You can either use the mod in a 1.16.5 world even though it says 1.16.4, or just play with a 1.16.4 version of minecraft. There are litterarly no difference.


Q: Can you tell me how you implemented x in code?

    A: Short answer: no. Long answer: There are tons of guides on how to do modding on the internet, even for 1.16. Look it up. Nothing in this mod is impossible to look up, as I did so myself.


Q: Can you post the source code on GitHub?

   A: No. The project is All Rights Reserved for a reason. However, if you really want to contribute to the project, I may concider granting permission and setting up a private Git-repo for you to access. 


Q: Can you add x to the mod?

   A: Maybe. I do not have much time for modding, so it is a huge maybe, but definitely feel free to post your idea and I will concider it.


Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?

   A: YES! Go ahead! :) Just dont forget to give credit and a way for users to find this mod-page!


Q: Can I post a video with clips from me playing this mod?

   A: Yes, but LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT! And credit goes first to Knightmere AND Cr4ftdefender for the time being. (that is, until I change curseForge user name, but it doesn't allow it yet).


Q: Will you be mad if I ask you about something?

   A: No. I would love any comment or feedback I can get. Of course, don't  ask a question I already have answered in this FAQ. :'), but you should feel free to comment whatever you like even critique the mod as long as it is constructive feedback for me or anyone else.


Q: I spot a bug, where can I report it?

   A: Send me a dm about it, explaining what lead up to the bug and what it did. Or just comment down below. Simply saying that "something looks wierd", doesnt help me alot, so definitely elaborate a bit more or dont bother. :')


Q: What happened to the reach trait?

   A: Read top of description.


Q: What are the recipies?

   A: Look at the images at the "Images" tab. Just one set of recipies are there, but I believe you are smart enough to figure the rest of them out yourself ;)


Q: What will you do with the fabric version?

   A: It will just stay as it is, in beta, most likely. 


Q: Can I make a port or fork or build upon this in any way?

   A: Well, no. It is ARR for a reason. However, if you would like to help the mod grow and improve it, feel free to contact me and we may talk about it. 

Q: This is literally Spartan Weaponry... (?)

    A: It's not. Read description. It is a continuation of my other mod for fabric with the same name. You can play whatever mod you want, I don't care. If you post a comment 'pretending' to remind me of that without having any constructive feedback whatsoever, I will just remove your comment. Yea; I really really don't care.