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🌟 Content

Fetzi's Asian Decoration adds several new asian themed blocks like

  • 10 types of roof blocks in 17 different colors with each having all wood types of the version, that means over 1500 roof blocks, yikes
  • 4 types of paper lanterns in all 16 colors of Minecraft one long and one small variant with golden elements and without
  • Asian themed fence, fence gates and fence extension blocks again in all colors available in Minecraft
  • Pagodas and pagoda lanterns in all 16 candle colors
  • 16+ Panels based on every trapdoor in Minecraft
  • 3 Seat Blocks, Small Cushion, Large Cushion and the Floor Chair, available in all colors and wood types
  • 5 new Banner Patterns
  • Zen Sand and Zen Gravel
  • Mud Brick Corner Blocks in all 16 colors
  • Colored mud bricks in, surprise, all 16 colors 🥳
  • And more


❓ F.A.Q.

Can i use this mod in my modpack?

Sure, but it would be nice if you link the mod if you plan to use it in a public modpack 😊!

Are you planning to port this mod to other versions?

I will try to keep the mod alive and port it to every upcoming version of Minecraft starting with 1.19.2, but i have no plans to port it to older versions of Minecraft.

Will you continue adding new blocks or items to this mod?

I'll gladly accept any suggestion you have and will surely add it if it's a good idea 😊!

For suggestions use the Wiki or Discord! 😊

What does asian themed mean?

Asian themed means that Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian culture and other cultures from the Asian region should find their place in this mod.

So if you have any suggestions, then use the link to the Wiki to submit them there.After all, the mod lives from suggestions 😄.

And don't take it amiss if I haven't been able to cover every culture and its interesting sides yet, after all, I'm the only person working on this mod.


💫 Recommendations

I recommend using Just Enough Items (JEI) to view all crafting recipes directly ingame!Otherwise, you can find the crafting recipes in the linked Wiki or Discord!


🪙 Ways to support me

The best way to support me is to share this mod with your friends and people online 😊.

But if you want to support me even more, you can also donate to me via Ko-Fi.Please donate money to me only if you don't need it yourself, you should never feel pressured to give your money to strangers from the internet, I'll be fine without it, trust me 😊.