This mod is for 1.12.2, And as with most of my mods; is designed along a pre-1.13 style,
Via this it will Not be updated past 1.12.2, Do Not Ask
But feel free to remake the mod yourself for a later version Yourself if you want,
just give Major credit if you reuse the model 'n such. Otherwise Don't


Animated Texture of the Ferret Item
This mod adds Ferrets to minecraft.

They are modelled after a Ferret owned by a person I was in a Discord VC with,
And are rather cute - Consistent to the pre-1.13 style.

The Ferrets include the following features...

  • AI similar to Dogs
  • Fast and Playful behaviour
  • A tendency to Jump on things
  • Custom Floppy Dynamic Animations
  • Capable of being Tamed with a Bone similar to a dog, and be your companion
  • Able to be Sat Down with Rightclick,
  • Pack AI...
    naturally spawning in Plains, Forests and such.

This is a small yet Cute little mod,
Simply adding Ferrets to the game,
But if that's something you want, This is your mod!

Other mods have added ferrets before,
But I tried my best to do a Better Job. worthy of their cuteness :)

Feel free to join my discord server dedicated to my mods Here if you wish to stay Up To Date
with my mods 'n such, Or chat with Me or other people on the topic of My Mods or Modding / MC in general


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