Ferdinand's Flowers

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Feature Request: More control over spawn & Flower wiki

#5 By  Emberwyck

Created Feb 12, 2019 Updated Feb 12, 2019


This mod is beautiful. I love it. However, I really want a flower wiki/dictionary where I can see an example of the flower with its name and what group it's classified in, since by name alone I have no idea what they look like.


I'd also really like more control over what and where flowers spawn. For example, there's very few flowers I want to generate in snowy and frozen biomes and I can't find a way in the config to really fix that.   I'm using BOP and trying to make various biomes unique in what they spawn and the current config doesn't allow me to tailor what flowers I would like where. "All Forest Biomes" includes frozen forests and I find it really disconcerting to have a riot of flowers popping up through the ice XD.  Ideally, I would like to be able to choose what flowers are in a particular group and to black/whitelist specific biomes for specific groups and individual flowers.  Even the ability to switch from groups to being able to whitelist biomes by name for individual flowers would be really helpful, if time consuming to configure.

Feb 12, 2019

 Also requesting the wiki have information on how to get individual flowers that don't appear to spawn anywhere naturally since they aren't listed in any group in the config

Feb 12, 2019

Also, you have a typo in your config. Multiple lines under the blue group section refer to it as the peach group

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