Faucets and Filters

202,127 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 2, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds 3 new blocks to the game.


Hopper Pipes can be faced any direction, and will simply push their items into the block they're facing.

The side of the pipe has a black arrow indicating which way it's facing.

When placing hopper pipes, by default they will face toward you. Or, you can hold shift and they will face the block you place them against. Filter Hoppers are placed in the same manner.


Filter Hoppers can be faced in any direction. They will pull items from the block behind them and push items into the block in front of them.

Filter Hoppers have two inventories. The top inventory is the regular inventory, and the lower inventory is the filter inventory. One side of the block has a filter on it, and items will only be allowed through this side if they match the filter.

When the filter hopper is powered by redstone it will enter blacklist mode. This means items matching the filter will not be allowed through, but all other items will.

Can be configured to capture item entities only when facing downward (because gravity), or when facing any direction.


Faucets will pull items from inventories up to two blocks behind them. They will automatically spew items in their inventory onto the ground, unless powered by redstone. There is a switch on top of the faucet that when pushed will reverse the behavior, only spewing items when powered.

When there is a solid block blocking the faucet, it will not spew items but will continue to pull items from inventories behind it.


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