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I (StockiesLad) have quit modding again. This will explain the absence of updates. Why again? It's just not fun anymore and I am always worried about once again being embedded in annoying discord drama that somehow manages to suck every bit of enjoyment out of modding. There hasn't been anyone willing to step up and take over development and that's partly my fault. This notice is months late. If you enjoy fastload and intend to maintain it, just contact me on discord for a discussion. Please keep in mind that I won't respond quickly because I don't really use discord much at all anymore. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Short explanation:

Fastload is a relatively simple mod that changes some crucial parts of world loading to speed it up.

- Client (Optional)
- Server (Optional)

- StockiesLad (Owner)
- JoostMSoftware (Co-Owner)
- AbdElAziz333 (Forge)
- VidTu (Ksyxis (Idea))
- kennytv (Forcecloseloadingscreen (Code))

- 441 Pre-generator: Entirely yanks it to sync chunk generation with chunk rendering.
- Loading Screens: Cancellable (Configurable)
- Rendering: Pre-rendering Phase (Configurable)

Suggested With:
- C2ME: Optimises chunk generation.
- Sodium: Optimises chunk rendering.

The 441 chunk loading engine is pretty much what the name is. The reason for it being 441 chunks is that
it generates chunks in a 10 chunk radius as a square. So multiply that by 2, add 1 (because you are standing
on a chunk) and square it. Fastload removes this *feature* as it is a huge waste of time. Instead, it will
only load 1 chunk (the spawn chunk) and loads the rest of the spawn region during early rendering.

Along with that, it also replaces some of the loading screens with its own implementation. This pretty much
allows rendering to begin immediately instead of it being halted until the player spawn packet is received.

- Modrinth:
- Curseforge:
- Discord: