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Farming for Blockheads

This mod adds a Market block to Minecraft, allowing you to buy seeds, saplings or other things such as bone meal. It also adds some farming utilties such as a Chicken Nest, a Feeding Trough, and Fertilizers to improve your crops.

The market allows searching and scrolling through trades, can filter by category, and is configurable to add further trades and categories to it.

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  • Market block that sells seeds and saplings, can be configured to alter its trades further
  • Chicken Nest to collect chicken eggs laid by all those chickens
  • Feeding Trough to intelligently auto-feed animals
  • Fertilizer to improve crop output, growth or prevent tampering
  • Compatible with Pam's Harvestcraft, Biomes O' Plenty, Simple Farming and more
  • Compatible with Just Enough Items (Market Trades will show up)

Mod Showcase by Mischief of Mice


Custom Market Configuration


For information on how to customize the market trades, see the README on GitHub.