Farm Adventure

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Once a upon a time, a young adventurer named Steeve has woken up in a world called Minecraft. Steeve begins like all people, but at a one point, he see weird creatures. They looks like Aliens, but he doesn't know, if it's true or not. So, he starts an adventure to fight them, and recup their precious relic, the Ether. Steeve explores dimension, biome, and he fights the Earth Element, Air Element, Water Element, and Fire Element. Finally, he can fight the Ether element and merge the four primordial elements. However, everything in this storie is a legend. Are you able to accomplish it to continue your adventure to return in your fields, and farm your plants ?


Farm Adventure is a mod created by Goldorion in his series of "(An aspect of Minecraft's mods) Adventure". This mods are Adventure mods with a lot of quests and stories in link with his Minecraft's aspect.  They also add a ton of new blocks, items, mobs, biomes, and more things to increase the Minecraft's world.
The mod is in English (Default language) and in French (Fr, Ca, Be, Lu and Ch).

Mod Contributor : Loic_MaitreDuFeu

Post your ideas, bugs and everything related on the mod on the Official Forum Topic.

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First of all, you have to fight and kill the Goldorion Boos (Yes, it's me.). For that, I suggest you to have a full Dragonium Armor, and a Dragonium hammer with a Dragoniumm Bow.
After that, you will receive an Earth Element Dimension Key. Make a portal (like a Nether Portal) with stone, granite, andesite or diorite, and use your Earth Eement Dimension Key.
Earth Portal
After entering in the dimension, go find a Earth's Elemental Boss and kill him. he looks like that :
It's not the real dimension.
Craft the Jewelry,  put the Raw Earth Element in the first slot (Brown), and click on "Refine".
You have now the first primordial element. Now make a portal with stained glass (The color isn't important.) and use the Air Element Dimension Key that Earth's Elemental Boss give you.
Go kill the Air's Elemental Boss, and return in the overworld. Repeat the same procedure as for the first element (The Raw elemnt go in the second slot (White)).


Good Job ! More than 2 elements !
For the Water Element, you have to create a portal with Lapis-Lazuli Blocks. After entering in the dimension repeat the same procedure than the previous two (The Raw elemnt go in the third slot (Blue)).

The last primordial element is the Fire. For find it, make a Nether Portal with Magma Block, and you know how to proceed for the rest (The Raw elemnt go in the fourth slot (Red-Orange)).



The one way to have the Ether Element is to craft it in the jewelry. For that, just put all of primordial Element in their respective slots (The same that for Raw Elements), and click on the button "Refine".
You are now ready to accomplish and finish your quest and your adventure. Explore your beautiful world and go find an Ether biome 9i don't give you picture because I didn't find one (They are very rare.), and it's not to me to give you all the answers. ;)
Return in your fields, and wait the next update.
Here is some new biomes added with the 2.0.0 version.
Automn Forest
Automn Forest
Evergreen Forest
Evergreen Forest
Japan Forest

japan Forest

Magic Forest

Magic Forest

Mountain Forest
Mountain Forest
Savanna and Clear Forest

Savanna and Clear Forest

Big Mountain
Big Mountain
Polar Desert

Polar Desert

And even more !
You have now an overview of Farm Adventure, so download it, and/or suggest me features, report me bugs to bugfxies it, or just give me your feedbacks.
To have all of details, go check the changelog.



|=| Next Updates |=|

It's what I'm planning for the future updates. I can change at any time.

Minecraft 1.13.2 and 1.14.x (As soon as possible)

Many new Stories and Adventures

Custom Armor Models

New Custom Musics ?


Question ? Comment ?  Say me it in the comments !
In hoping that you love my mod,


P-S : This mod is made with the software MCreator (



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