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🍡 Requires Structure Gel API

Download it here. Structure Gel is an API mod designed to make creating structures easier on the developers, specifically ones using the jigsaw system. All code is open source and documented. Any versions of the mod from 1.15 onward require this.

⛺ Summary

Check the Farlanders Wiki for detailed information, however may be outdated. Thanks to Fabiulu for letting us port and continue it!

A mod that adds a new species of mob called Farlanders, ancestors of Endermen, originating from the now removed Far Lands. After the Far Lands dissapeared, the Farlanders had to adapt to the rest of the overworld, building homes, evolving into new creatures, like Endermen, Enderminions, and even Titans.

The mod contains multiple structures, advancements, a new ore, and over a dozen new creatures to discover and interact with.

🧪 Latest Updates

New Ore: Endumium

A rare mineral, usually located deep underground, in swamps, mountains, and jungles. It can be collected using an iron pickaxe. This is the primary currency for the Farlanders.

💱 Trading


You can trade with Farlanders, Elder Farlanders and Wanderers. Functionally, this is the same as normal Villagers, though they all have different offers.

Meet the Farlanders




The Farlanders are a species that originate from the now removed Far Lands. After their sudden dissapearence, the Farlanders had to move and adapt to the mainland Overworld. This included building homes, and villages, and even discovering new materials.

Farlanders can be traded with, their primary currency being Endumium Crystals. They live in houses and villages usually found in plains, but can be found in a handful of other biomes as well.

They usually only leave their homes at night, leaving them vulnerable, but will call for help from nearby Ender Golems and Guardians to assist them.

Their eyes can come in 6 different colors. They also enjoy eating apples.

Elder Farlander


The eldest of the Farlanders. They can be found in the same houses and villages as their more youthful counterparts. Their trades tend to be for more rare items, or items that are harder to get in mass.

They tend to be slower moving, and due to that will use their cane to defend themselves.



Looters aren't as nice as the typical Farlander, and as such they aren't welcome in Farlander villages. As their name implies, their specialty is stealing things. When attacked with a weapon, they'll steal it and use it against the attacker. When defeated, they can drop their hood.

By disguising yourself with a carved pumpkin or Nightfall armor, they won't attack unless provoked.



Sometime after the Farlanders discovered Endumiuim, some began to seek more power and fight against each-other, and so began the rebellion era. Similar to Looters, Rebels too aren't welcome in places where the average Farlanders live. Though, this doesn't stop them from barging into their houses.

Rebels usually wield wooden swords, and wear helmets they've made. They poison anything they attack. When defeated, they can drop their helmet.

By disguising yourself with a carved pumpkin or Nightfall armor, they won't attack unless provoked.



Wanderers are Farlanders that have left home to journey the world. They wear the same clothing as Rebels, and get along with both the Farlanders and Rebels themselves. However, the Ender Golems and Ender Guardians that often patrol the villages do not welcome their presence. To get around this, Wanderers can be seen disguising themselves using Carved Pumpkins when approaching either.

They can be traded with, they sell goods from all around the world. Sometimes they will request Emeralds to trade with the Villagers they find in their travels, Wandering Traders can be seen requesting Endumium due to this as well.



The Enderminions are the farthest from the typical Farlander. They can be tamed using apples, and will aid you in battle. When injured, their mouth will begin to hang open, they can be fed apples to replenish health. Their bracelets can be dyed as well.

Enderminions can be equipped with weapons, and they can be taken by crouching. They aren't as efficiant with weapons as a player may be, as a result the weapon will sustain more damage than usual.

They can be fed Golden Apples to increase their capabilities for 30 seconds, this doubles with enchanted ones.


Mystic Enderminion


This type of Enderminion is a bit different from the average Enderminion. They are equipped with a Mystic Wand that can cast fireballs. This is held in their non dominant hand.

For combat, they will use their Mystic Wand, though just like normal Enderminions, they can be equipped with weapons. When holding one, they will only put it to use when their target is close enough.

If you wand to, you can convince a Mystic Enderminion to give you Mystic Wands. Providing enough metals (Iron or Gold) will yield a Mystic Wand with a Small Fireball gem, if given gems (Emeralds, Endumium or Diamonds), you can get one with a Large Fireball gem.

Classic Enderman


An Enderman from the past. While sharing most traits with the average Enderman, it knows how to pick up a wider array of blocks, such as ores, and even blocks meant for storing valubles in mass, like iron or gold blocks. Be warned, as looking at it for too long may not be a plesant experience.

Fanmade Enderman


Fanmade Endermen don't often walk around, instead, they quietly teleport around, and search for targets. Once it has found its prey, it will teleport closer and closer while not in view, simply staring and whispering occasionally. Once close enough, it will strike.

Mystic Enderman


The Mystic Enderman floats around, and is provoked like a normal Enderman. They equip themselves with an array of Mystic Wands, of which they will drop upon being defeated.

They retaliate with an array of magic attacks when hit, plan carefully.

Ender Guardian


While they may be small, they do know how to expertly wield bows. They're trained to protect the Farlander villages at all costs, and can even predict where their targets will be before shooting.

Their presence is integral to keeping the Farlanders alive during the harsh nights. Though, they can be fooled easily by disguises like carved pumpkins or Nightfall armor.

Ender Golem


Similar to the Ender Guardian, Ender Golems can be found protecting Farlanders in their homes and villages. Though unlike them, they use brute force rather than weapons.

If not present, the Farlanders are very vulnerable to the harsh nights, so it may be in your best interest to keep them around. Just like most, they are easily fooled with disguises like carved pumpkins or Nightfall armor.

If you do find yourself winning a fight against one, you'll find yourself with Ender Golem horns, which can be used to create a Nightfall Sword.



The largest, and strongest of the Farlander species to date. They can be found atop obsidian spires, which are also surrounded by Ender Golems.

If you take one on in battle, you'll find their exposed heart is a weak point, and will hurt them more than usual. Be careful, as they can use their very large arms to grab hold of you, wither you away, and toss you off their spire.

If you manage to best one in battle, you'll be rewarded with Titan hide, which can be used to create Nightfall armor.

Unlike everything like it, Titans are not fooled by disguises, and will see right through them.

📺 Mod Review

Check out this review by ItzBahb who made an awesome in depth review of the mod, you can learn a lot about it by watching!

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