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Adds Fantasy-Themed Furniture & Decorational blocks to the game

Requires ApexCore

Lighting issues? Ensure you have experimentalForgeLightPipelineEnabled=true in forge-client.toml

Optifine and/or Shaders are NOT supported!


See here for more in-depth details...


Minecraft Forge mod which adds various Fantasy-Themed Furniture & Decorational blocks to the game. Every block is fully functional as you would expect them to be and some even come with unique logic like various decorational blocks being stackable, and various furniture set blocks being connected and updating the models based on blocks of similar type around them.


Optifine / Shaders Response

Quote from ApexMdr >>

In reply to akira_tanikel:

 Optfine and other mods of the sort may [and that's a heavy hard possible may] crash the game and/or cause other unwanted issues.

it's possible to get Optifine & shaders to work with our mods, which others have done, but we will not be providing this kind of support, due to the nature of these kinds of mods.

they rip out the entire engine of the base game and replace it with their own versions to add these newer fancy features like shaders, without allowing mods any real easy way to work around the major changes they have made.


the best kind of support we will provide though is our "mod-support resource packs" which can be found in the resource pack selection screen, if we provide support for any mod you have installed a resource pack will display here for you to enable/disable and/or prioritize over other resource packs.

Optifine has one of these resource packs and all it adds is various textures & other files for things like Optifine-CTM, emissive textures, dynamic lights, etc. bare minimum to make use of some of the more common modded features.

but nothing for shaders due to the above issue [tearing out engine] and the fact that each shader pack is different and needs different stuff provided in order for them to work



    yes, it's possible for Optifine & shaders to function with our mods [with other issues here and there]

    no, we will not be providing any kind of support for shaders and other mods of the like

but other more common aspects from Optifine [ctm] will have support provided via a built-in resource pack you can enable.


Fabric Support

Quote from dragonycat >>

(insert yet another fabric 1.19.2. version request) (:

We are currently working on Multi-Platform versions of our mods, these versions will take quite some time before they can be released to public,

but yes, we are working on a Fabric release in the background and it will *hopefully* eventually release.








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Fantasy's Furniture Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5



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