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Fantasy Mounts

A mod designed to bring fantasy elements to your Minecraft world! This was designed by me and my wife during our adventures where we wanted to have the ability to ride a horse together. Thus the Unicorn was born and this mod started to expand from there. A lot more will come in the future.


Supports 1.16.X


  • Unicorn - Tameable, breedable, ridable, two seater support, frost water walking, very rare!
  • Polar Bear - Tameable, ridable, two seater, attack companion, swimming (while riding)
  • Golden Whistle (Mount Whistle) - An item that allows you to call your mount to follow you (while the item is in either of your hands)
  • Diamond Carrot - Item used to breed the Unicorn
  • Golden Carrot Stew - Item used to help you find Unicorns in the wild (use wisely!)
  • Flexible configurations
  • Dedicated server support  

More will be added as we go! More Unicorn skins are coming soon.


Coming Soon

  • Polar Bear Mount done
  • Doom Horse Mount
  • Pegasus Mount
  • Llama Mount
  • Giant Spider Mount
  • Reindeer Mount
  • Kelpie Mount


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