Fantastical Origins


Update: 1.2.0 Is highly reccomended to download. It includes fixes and a new Origin, the Bestial!

This is a fork of a fork of Medieval Origins specifically made for a specific modpack and was completed in more or less 12 hours. It includes many changes such as power and origin removals and various buffs to the origins themselves. This is licensed under MIT just like the originals. You are allowed to do whatever you want with this. In fact, I encourage it.  This is a datapack packaged as a mod for ease of download and play with modpacks. According to the Origin Creator, both Forge and Fabric can use the same file. We'll see how this goes. You need the Origins mod to play this, and Pekhui to play it properly. 


Origin Changes:


1. Removed all powers that changed the color of or caused ugly stretching on player skins. 

2.Cool downs across various abilities have been massively tweaked, allowing you to use various powers more often.

3. A lot of the origins have been made more vague, that way people can theme their characters after more than just Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, etc.

4. Added more numeric detail as to what the powers and abilities of each origin does and for how long, and added a break down blurb near the top for each.


Removed Origins: Banshee. They're just kind of weird and I can't be bothered to edit them right now. Maybe in the future I'll re-enable them.


Arachnae >>> Joru. Not just spiders anymore but arthropods in general. Things are mostly the same except they can just wear better armor now if they want. 


Incubus >>> Infernal. Made more setting and lore agnostic and toned down their powers. They're still deadly melee fighters, they just can't shoot fireballs or get food from fire anymore. 


Dwarf >>> Hilderkal. Toned down their weaknesses and buffs to make the more simple and easier to play. They mine real good.


Wood Elf >>> Wild Elf. Toned down their buffs to give them more solid and consistently useful powers. 


Fae. >>> Reduced their max health to get rid of the iron weakness and give them night vision.


Goblin >>> Kobolot. These guys are almost completely unchanged. They're just smaller now.


Gorgon >>> Bestial. Removed a lot of their debuffs and buffs and massively tweaked its primary power to be useful anywhere and on anything, including other players.


High Elf doesn't exist in this version.


Moon Elf >>> Starry Elf. Removed a lot of their weaknesses. They're still fragile though.


Necromancer >>> Necrotic. These guys are more like Death Knights now. Removed some of their weaknesses to make them more tanky.


Ogre >>> Gigantos. Vague label for all big stronk people. Mostly unchanged, just got rid of them being able to only wear "X" armor and being unable to use shields. 


Pixie >>> Smidgen. They have 5 Hearts. In return, they get creative flight and fall damage immunity. Simple and to the point. Go wild. 


Plague Victim >>> Accursed. They're still weird, but I think I removed a weakness or two. Don't remember, these guys have always been kind of forgettable. 


Siren >>> Amphiphon. Got rid of the siren-type stuff to instead have them be a solid origin for going between water and land. They're not too strong, and not too weak. Perfect for exploring the ocean without disabling yourself on land. 


Yeti >>> Cryonic. I think the only thing I removed was their hitbox adjustments. No more thicc snow people. 


Mod I Copied From: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/medieval-origins-revival

Original Mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/medieval-origins


Tool I Used to Help Make This Mod: https://www.mathgeniuszach.com/apps/origin-creator/