Fantastic Beasts and How to Eat Them (Butchercraft)

193,582 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 Game Version: 1.11.2  

Adds semi-realistic butchering to minecraft.


Starting out you'll need to get a butcher knife and hit an animal with it. This will kill them instantly but instead of their normal drops they drop a carcass.

Using a meat hook you'll be able to hang an animals carcass and using a few tools break it down into leather, organs, and various cuts of meat.
Once you have the parts you can use the Meat Grinder to make sausages and ground meat for burgers.

After the hard work is over a grill is provided to cook your various meats (and other food) over a charcoal fire without the use of a gui.


ModOff 2017 Submission.