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This is minecraft forge modification adding fans. Discord: https://discord.gg/KhsSzfm Image of all fans

Basic fans

Currently there are iron, gold, diamond and emerald fans (each faster than its predecessor). Iron fan is weaker than gravity. If entity stands on two fans at once, then their force adds up.

Redstone fan

Redstone fan has range depending on redstone signal strength.

Configurable fan

Range of this fan can be configured by right clicking on it (0 blocks - 15 blocks).

Sticky fan

Doesn't push entities while they are touching it.

Sticky boots

Fans don't push you while you are standing on ground.

Leaf blower

Item used to push entities.


Propeller Iron fan Gold fan Redstone fan Diamond fan Emerald fan Configurable fan Sticky fan Sticky boots Leaf blower

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