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Filename fancymenu_1.4.3.1_MC_1.16.1.jar
Uploaded by Keksuccino
Uploaded Jul 31, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 602.06 KB
Downloads 468
MD5 9c9bff89980ad9c02132006aa869110b
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


- Fixed a bug introduced in FM v1.4.3 that caused a glitchy 1-pixel line to be rendered at the right side of background images


- Reworked the button id calculation (used by the customization system to identify buttons)
   - Should be much more stable and prevents layouts from breaking when buttons getting removed or added to menus by mods (or MC updates)
   - System is now fully based on button positions, so overlapping buttons that are at the exact same position aren't supported
   - You can re-enable the old id system by enabling the "legacybuttonids" option in the mod config (not recommended)

- FancyMenu is now fully localized in Brazilian Portuguese (Huge Thanks to rickyybrez!; BETA TRANSLATION!)
- Added config option "legacybuttonids" to re-enable the old button id system (not recommended; default "false")
- Added variable "onlyfirsttime" to the "hidebuttonfor" customization action to delay the button appearance only the first time the menu gets loaded
- Added variable "delayonlyfirsttime" to the "addbutton" customization action to delay the button appearance of custom buttons only the first time the menu gets loaded
- Added custom button action "opengui" to open an existing GUI by its menu identifier (EXPERIMENTAL!)
   - Works on a dynamic base so not every supported menu needs to be hardcoded into the mod
   - Should work with all vanilla menus and sub-menus
   - Should work with some mod menus too, but not every menu is supported
   - Needs to be tweaked to support certain other menus added by mods (FancyMenu will tell you if the menu is supported or not)

- Fixed a bug that caused the "hidebuttonfor" customization action to not work when the button had a custom texture
- Fixed a bug in the 1.16.1 version that caused the game to crash at startup in some situations (thanks to rickyybrez for telling me)
- Fixed some stuff in the main menu handler that could lead to a crash at startup in some rare situations
- Fixed a bug that rendered a glitchy 1-pixel line at the bottom of menu backgrounds (static and panorama)