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Filename fancymenu_1.0.beta_MC_1.14.4.jar
Uploaded by Keksuccino
Uploaded Apr 20, 2020
Game Version Forge
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MD5 90d1e16318746e6952cb9c0c1e03894f
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- Added the "Layout Creator"
   - Create layouts for menus in a user-friendly and easy-to-use GUI
   - Open the tool menu by clicking on the arrow indicator on the left side of the screen
   - Rightclick on objects or the background for more options
   - Hotkeys like DELETE to delete a focused object or ENTER and ESCAPE to quickly navigate through notification and input popups are supported
   - Automatically generate customization files
   - Save your layout to the customization folder with just two clicks
   - To open the layout creator, just click on the "Create Layout" button in the top-right corner of menus (Customization buttons have to be enabled in the config!)
- Animations now can have audio which is played along with the animation! (Sounds are played asynchronously, so don't expect the audio to be played synchronously to the animation)
- Added customization action "addaudio" to add audio (as .wav file) to menus which starts playing when the menu gets loaded (can be looped)
- Added customization action "addbutton" to create buttons which can send messages (or commands) and open links (in the default browser)
- Added customization action "texturizebackground" to set a background image to a menu
- Removed the "replayanimation" variable from the "animatebackground" customization action (was too confusing and is now handled via the "replayintro" variable in animation properties)
- Previously set background animations will now be correctly removed after reloading the menu if no more customization files for the specific menu type exist
- Added animation property variable "replayintro" to replay its intro every time the animation gets loaded (along with the menu)
- The "original" orientation from the "movebutton" customization action is now HIGHLY DEPRECATED and will be REMOVED VERY SOON (!)
- Removed the ugly and poorly written "button fade-in" feature for the main menu (Will probably be reworked and reimplemented later for ALL menus)
- The "Reload" customization button will now reload the config to apply changes made to it without restarting the game
- Added the ability to set animations as game intro in the config (Will be played before the main menu is displayed and after the game loading process has finished)
- Moved "hidesplashtext" to category "mainmenu_splash" in the config (will be updated automatically)
- Added config options to set the main menu splash text offset and change its rotation
- Renamed the "type-meta" section in customization files to "customization-meta" (old files are still compatible, but "type-meta" is deprecated and will be removed some day)
- Added several new variables to the customization-meta section in customization files
   - "renderorder": Define, if customizations should be rendered in the foreground or the background (behind or in front of default menu items; foreground rendering is forced if background rendering isn't possible in the menu)
   - "minimummcversion" & "maximummcversion": Limit files to only load in specific versions of Minecraft
   - "minimumfmversion" & "maximumfmversion": Limit files to only load in specific versions of FancyMenu
   - "requiredmods": Limit files to only load if specific mods are loaded (comma-separated mod-ids)
- Fixed an issue which caused the Minecraft title screen logo to have a black background when rendered above an animation in MC 1.13
- Fixed an issue with the main menu splash text that could cause the text shadow to be rendered wrong

- Some code cleaning here and there (as always)



- Text looks weird when rendered over another text in MC 1.15 (also affects rightclick-menus rendered over texts in the layout creator; seems like a 1.15 issue in general)