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Filename fancymenu_forge_2.5.0_MC_1.16.2-1.16.5.jar
Uploaded by Keksuccino
Uploaded Jan 3, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +4
Size 633.64 KB
Downloads 141,635
MD5 62fe316e694a3b9871eaad550cc1cfc6
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions



- Lifted minimum required Konkrete version to 1.3.3

- Added: Button action 'mimicbutton' to mimic the button action of a vanilla button
- The action value is the button locator of the button
- The button locator is a combination of the menu identifier of the menu the button is in and the ID of the button, separated by colon (menu_identifier:button_id)
- Added: Placeholder text value '%vanillabuttonlabel:<button_locator>' to get the button label of a vanilla button by its button locator (same thing as for the 'mimicbutton' button action)
- Added: "Reset Window Size Restrictions" button to the layout editor properties context menu, for easier resetting of window size restrictions

- Removed: Old deprecated animation system (old animations will not load anymore, please switch to the new animation system)

- Fixed: Visibility requirement "Is Mod Loaded" unable to check for Optifine (you can now check for mod ID 'optifine')
- Fixed: Optifine not counting to existing mods in '%loadedmods%' and '%totalmods%' placeholder text values
- Fixed: Web textures not loading when Optifine is installed
- Fixed: FPS drops in customized menus when many mods are installed (caused by placeholder text value)
- Fixed: Vanilla panorama background in title screen stutters when customizations are enabled
- Fixed: Custom panorama backgrounds stutter while rotating
- Fixed: Placeholder to get the mod loader version says "Forge Version" on Fabric (changed to "Mod Loader Version")
- Fixed: Placeholder to get the mod loader version inputs "%version:forge%" to text field on Fabric
- Fixed: Custom buttons not updating placeholder values in their label when hovered
- Fixed: Vanilla buttons not updating placeholder values in their label when hovered
- Fixed: Fabric: Basically everything related to game tick events broken (this was broken from the beginning and I literally don't know how the mod worked all the time lmfao)

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