Fancy Block Particles

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Filename FancyBlockParticles-1.10.2-1.6.3.jar
Uploaded by TominoCZ
Uploaded Jan 29, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 34.27 KB
Downloads 993
MD5 25da65eab678c688fe509c7e05c7f74b
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


Ooh boy.. where to start...


First of all, this is a reupload of the previous 1.6.3.

-reworked the config handling (again)

-the '+' and '-' buttons now disable/enable when allowed

-added a new page to the FBP menu

-you can now disable redstone block particles! (great for command block maps)

-you can now prevent particles from spawning while Freeze Mode is on! (also great for command block maps)

-made the menu look fancy

-added an issue tracker button to the menu!

-big code optimizations

-more stable framerates!

-fixed crashes..


I hope you'll love it as much as I do :3

One important thing tho... you WILL need Java 8 to run this mod since Java 8 supports Lambda code expressions.