Faerie Fire

987 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.2

Requires Fabric API

Faerie Fire is a simple, performant, configurable, and aesthetically pleasing light source.

  • It can be walked through like a torch, but doesn't require a mounting block.
  • Its light level can be adjusted by right-clicking.
  • The flame particles that show where it is can be dyed (at crafting or right-click with a dye)...
  • ... or hidden entirely, making the block invisible (right-click with flint and steel).
  • Its settings can be locked to prevent accidental editing (sneak and right-click to toggle).

Faerie Fire is intended to be a mid-game but relatively affordable light source. It can be crafted with any dye, which will dictate its initial color, or redyed after crafting.


With its simple particle-based appearance, Faerie Fire fits well in almost any build - and if it doesn't fit, you can hide the particles to make it invisible! (Light blue and orange FF shown below)


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