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FabricSkyBoxes goes beyond the capabilities of OptiFine, offering an extensive range of custom skybox features that will transform your Minecraft experience. With our mod, you can unleash your creativity and create breathtaking skybox textures, capturing the beauty of diverse weather conditions, stunning sunrises and sunsets, mesmerizing cloud formations, and more.


Hyper Realistic Sky by UsernameGeri

Day Sunset

Awesome Skies by heyman

Sunset Night

Kal's Grimdark Sky Pack by Kalam0n

Twilight Sunrise

Skybox Format

FabricSkyBoxes uses its own custom skybox format, known as FSB Skybox. This format allows for the creation of stunning and immersive skybox textures.

To learn more about the format and how to create your own custom skyboxes, please refer to the FSB Skybox Format Documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use an OptiFine/MCPatcher skybox resource pack with this mod?

  • Can I distribute this in my modpack?

    • Yes, FabricSkyBoxes is licensed under MIT, so you are free to include it in your modpack.

Suggestions / Support

  • Feel free to report bugs/issues or suggest new features on the issue tracker.
  • Join our Discord community for further assistance.