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334K Downloads Updated May 21, 2019 Created Aug 29, 2015

mmorpg style chat bubbles, shows what players say above their heads

92.5K Downloads Updated Mar 29, 2020 Created Apr 25, 2019

Decorate your home!

38.4K Downloads Updated Mar 17, 2020 Created Oct 11, 2019

Inventory and container sorting, equipment profiles switching, bunch of combat/building tweaks, etc.

78.7K Downloads Updated Mar 27, 2020 Created Jul 27, 2019

Minimalistic Functional Unit Plates for the modern Minecrafter. Not a mod by Vazkii.

292K Downloads Updated May 16, 2019 Created Dec 12, 2015

More Ores!

65.4K Downloads Updated Mar 23, 2020 Created Jun 27, 2019

Quick, simple, and lightweight inventory sorting

30.9K Downloads Updated Mar 26, 2020 Created Sep 10, 2019

Adds a bunch of new doors and trapdoors, including glass doors!

90.7K Downloads Updated Feb 13, 2020 Created Mar 19, 2019

Adds a bunch of new hammers to the game!

69.3K Downloads Updated Jan 3, 2020 Created Dec 10, 2018

Fabric language module for Kotlin

77.7K Downloads Updated Feb 12, 2020 Created Apr 22, 2016

A "mini F3" HUD mod, with light level, spawn & slime chunk overlays etc.

104K Downloads Updated Mar 5, 2020 Created Jan 19, 2018

Places chests (or shulker boxes) where players die that contain all of their items.

108K Downloads Updated Jun 23, 2019 Created Nov 4, 2015

A small mod to generate a mostly (but not completely) flat wasteland terrain.

370K Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2020 Created Mar 19, 2014

server and client Commands

31.9K Downloads Updated Mar 19, 2020 Created Feb 24, 2019

What's in my shulker box?

79.1K Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2020 Created Mar 16, 2019

A small clientside mod to enable various mouse wheel related actions. Features item scrolling and...

79.1K Downloads Updated Dec 22, 2019 Created Apr 14, 2019

Automatically reels in and recasts your fishing rod when you catch a fish.

67.1K Downloads Updated Jul 21, 2019 Created May 16, 2017

Every Hit Matters! How is a rightful hit [under certain condition] doing no damage acceptable?

36.2K Downloads Updated Feb 28, 2020 Created Jun 9, 2019

A detailed and vibrant biomes mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 and above running on the Fabric...

13.9K Downloads Updated Feb 19, 2020 Created Nov 28, 2019

A terrain generation overhaul mod with expansive mountains and highly optimized terrain generation

39.9K Downloads Updated Dec 16, 2019 Created Jul 7, 2019

Adds prettier glass doors