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Rings of Ascension is a mod that uses the Trinkets API to add 20+ new rings to your minecraft. Each ring has its own special effect that is activated when the ring is equipped.

Rings from this mod don't have a recipe and can only be found in specific locations.


Click here to see the default locations of each ring.



  • Ring of Flight (grants creative flight)
  • Ring of Hungerless (keep your food bar always full)
  • Ring of Poison Resistance (grant immunity to poison effect)
  • Ring of Growth (grow nearby crops faster)
  • Ring of Magnetism (pull nearby items)
  • Ring of Knockback Resistance (grants immunity to knockback)
  • Ring of Max Health (grants +10 hearths)
  • Ring of Sponge (remove all nearby water blocks)
  • Ring of Lava Sponge (remove all nearby lava blocks)
  • Ring of Experience (pull nearby xp orbs)
  • Ring of Water Walking (lets you walk on water)
  • Ring of Wither (grants immunity to wither effect)
  • Ring of Undying (prevents you from die, configurable cooldown in the config file)
  • Ring of Slowness Resistance (grants immunity to slowness)
  • Ring of Steadfast Steps (grants step assist)


Effects Rings (Keeps you with an active effect when equipped):

Ring of Fire Resistance, Ring of Invisibility, Ring of Jump Boost, Ring of Night Vision, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Slow Fall, Ring of Speed, Ring of Strength, Ring of Water Breathing, Ring of Mining(Haste), Ring of Luck, Ring of Dolphin