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[Fabric] Chisel Decor

Chisel Decor

This mod is a Fabric version of the Chisel mod that adds support for custom block packs!


Chisel Decor is data driven and has support for loading custom blockpacks. Instructions for creating a blockpack can be found on the wiki (NOTE this is a work in progress, and will be added soon).

Community Blockpacks

Note that no blockpacks are installed by default. To add more blocks to the game, you need to manually install a blockpack.

Using the Chisel

To access the new blocks added by Chisel Decor, you need to craft a Chisel. alt-text

Right-clicking with the Chisel selected in the hotbar opens the Chisel GUI. You can place blocks in the large slot in the top left-hand corner and transform them into any of the blocks on the right-hand side. alt-text

Connected Textures

Chisel Decor has support for connected textures, which can be enabled by installing the Connected Block Textures mod. This mod has incompatibilites with Sodium, so there may be issues on installations with both CBT and Sodium. Note that Chisel Decor does not require Connected Block Textures mod to run.

REI Support

Recipes using the Chisel can be browsed using Roughly Enough Items. Note that some of the blocks in the default blockpack only have one craftable variant, and this is usually the first variant that appears in the recipe. alt-text


The config file can be found at config/chiseldecor/config.json. The config option block_packs is a comma-separated string of blockpack directory names. For instance, if you want to load two blockpacks, let's call them steve and alex, this string should be set to "steve, alex". Spaces within this string are ignored, so blockpack names must contain no spaces!

Licencing & Attribution

This mod is inspired by Chisel, which was created by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, ported to 1.7.2 by asie, and later maintained for Forge by tterrag, Drullkus and minecreatr. The source code for the current version can be found here. The source code, localisation, blockstate and model files were used for reference and are licenced under GPLv2. Many of the textures from the classic blockpack were made by Drullkus (more attribution is given at https://github.com/KnowYourKnot/Blockpacks) and are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.

Thanks for playing! Feel free to comment below with feedback/bug reports.