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client Fabric API

What Autoswitch Does

Autoswitch (AS) reads the player's hotbar, and finds the best tool for the job currently available based on the config files (ie. you hit a stone block with your fist, it will switch to a pickaxe). These tools have some conditions that need to be satisfied:

Have more than 3 durability remaining configurable

Have the tool on your hotbar

Be capable of mining the block (a naive fallback is in place for mining levels configurable)

It is aware of tool enchantments

AutoSwitch is fully configurable. The config files detail their specifics at their top, and each option is documented within the file. A hotkey is available to quickly toggle switching on or off, along with a toggle command.


AS checks the block's Material*, or the specific block's id if it is present in the config file, and will evaluate the tools based on the configuration.


See the Minecraft Wiki for details. The names used in the config files are the same as the names Fabric uses, which differ from the names on the wiki. Each material is documented within the config file.


AS checks the entities group*, or the specific id if it is present in the config file, and will evaluate the tools based on the configuration. Bases weapon choices in part on the amount of damage the tool can do.


See Minecraft Wiki for details on entity groups. Group names are not exactly the same between the wiki and what Fabric uses.


If a mod's tools do not work automatically, tell the mod author of that mod to add their tools to the proper FabricToolTags. Some mods may require other changes to function. Autoswitch provides an API by which mod authors can create their own tool groups similar to the provided pickaxe, axe, etc.-