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Fabric API is the core library for the most common hooks and inter-compatibility measures utilized by mods using the Fabric toolchain.


  • Fabric’s APIs are lightweight and modular, making porting faster and game instances leaner.
  • Fabric development targets snapshots as well as release versions, allowing earlier mod updates and more informed community planning.
  • The Fabric toolchain is available for everyone to use - even if you only want to use some of it!



Fabric comes in two parts:

  • Fabric Loader: Minecraft version independent, provides the essentials of mod loading and rudimentary modding
  • Fabric API: Minecraft version specific, a mod like any other, provides all sorts of APIs  for interoperability and convenience (this CurseForge project)


  1. Install Fabric Loader from the Fabric website - there is an installer for the vanilla launcher and dedicated servers, other launchers including the Curse App may do this automatically
  2. Optionally try to run the game to verify the installation and create the mods folder. There should be Fabric related log entries and the main menu will mention Fabric at the bottom next to the Minecraft version.
  3. Download Fabric API for the desired Minecraft version from this page and put the jar file in the mods folder like any ordinary mod

More information and full installation instructions can be found on the Fabric website and support is available through the Fabric discord server.

This is SEPARATE from the Fabric loader! You need both for most mods! Keep in mind the project requires the Fabric mod loader!