204 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 29, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2


This is EZHud, a Minecraft mod that will let you easily display information on any of your player's screens! You can easily set the text to display from the config file that can be found in your ".minecraft" folder. It also has support for color codes and includes a live update feature so you can simply update the config file to your liking and the once you save the file the changes will be reflected in-game!




  • %playername% - The player's username
  • %worldtime% - The time in the world in ticks
  • %playerx% - The player's X Position
  • %playery% - The player's Y Position
  • %playerz% - The player's Z Position
  • %playerhealth% - The player's health
  • %helditem% - The item that is held in the player's main hand


You are allowed to distribute the mod if these key conditions have been met:

  1. The source code has not been modified.
  2. That a link to this page and my name (KodingKing1) are provided in some form of credits.

Modpacks are allowed to use this mod if these conditions are met.


Other important information:

  1. You are NOT allowed to provide any sort of download link through Adf.ly or any other similar sites.
  2. You are NOT allowed to provide a mirror for the mod on any websites unless you have gotten permission from the author (KodingKing1).
  3. You ARE allowed to showcase the mod on a website provided that you make your users download the mod from this page.


You are allowed to make a youtube video showcasing the mod if you meet these conditions:

  1. You provide the author's name (KodingKing1).
  2. You provide a link to this page for users to download the mod from.

If these conditions are met then feel free to make a youtube video showcasing the mod!


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