Extra Sounds

Adds more sounds to Minecraft, like sounds when you scroll the hotbar, the creative inventory, pick up or place items in inventories, and more.

Fabric only. Fabric API is required.


  • Hotbar scroll sounds
  • Inventory click sounds (based on clicked item)
  • Drop sound (based on amount of items dropped)
  • Creative inventory scroll sound (based on scroll speed)
  • Chat message sound
  • Chat @mention sound
  • Status effect/potion sounds
  • Mod API for developers
  • Every sound is configurable via resource packs

Demonstration video

Forge version????

no. stop asking.

You can check out the ExtraSounds Legacy project for a 1.12.2 version for Forge, however.


The next version of ExtraSounds is currently in the works. I have to essentially rewrite it, but for a good reason - the mod will support multiple versions of Minecraft with just one JAR file, along with the way sounds are handled being more modular, which will help with faster ports in the future. At first I'll keep it limited to 1.20 and 1.19, with earlier ports (probably) coming later.

In the mean time, you can use the versions provided by lonefelidae16.