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This mod adds a bunch of new doors to the game!

Requires Fabric API.

Compatible with Couplings


Gold Door

This door can be opened and closed by hand, but is locked in its state (can't be opened or closed) when given a redstone signal!

Gold Door

Bamboo Door

This door can ONLY be opened by hand and does not respond to redstone signals.

Bamboo Door

Glass Door

This door can be opened by hand. However, upon being powered by a redstone signal, the state of the door will toggle, i.e. if it is closed it will open, and if it is open it will close.

Glass Door

Purpur Door

This door, when interacted with, will teleport the player to the opposite side of the door if the door is closed. If it is open, the door will simply close. If the door is interacted with off-axis, then it will not respond. If the teleport is unsafe, then the door will open instead. Redstone works with this door as standard.

Purpur Door


The mod also adds trapdoors for all of the above. They function in exactly the same way as the doors.

Gold Trapdoor Bamboo Trapdoor Glass Trapdoor Purpur Trapdoor


The mod also adds glass pane versions of all the wooden doors, the iron door and the gold door, along with all the wooden trapdoors, the iron trapdoor and the gold trapdoor. These behave the same as their non-glass counter-parts, just look different. 

Oak Glass Door Spruce Glass Door Birch Glass Door Jungle Glass Door Acacia Glass Door Dark Oak Glass Door Iron Glass Door Gold Glass Door Purpur Glass Door

Oak Glass Trapdoor Spruce Glass Trapdoor Birch Glass Trapdoor Jungle Glass Trapdoor Acacia Glass Trapdoor Dark Oak Glass Trapdoor Iron Glass Trapdoor Gold Glass Trapdoor Purpur Glass Trapdoor 

1.16 +

Crimson Glass Door Warped Glass Door

Crimson Glass Trapdoor Warped Glass Trapdoor

Programmer Art

The mod also includes textures for the Programmer Art resource pack, so you can now enjoy the mod in the style of the classic Minecraft textures!

Oak Glass Door Programmer Art Spruce Glass Door Programmer Art Birch Glass Door Programmer Art Jungle Glass Door Programmer Art Acacia Glass Door Programmer Art Dark Oak Glass Door Programmer Art Iron Glass Door Programmer Art Gold Door Programmer Art Gold Glass Door Programmer Art Glass Door Programmer Art Purpur Door Programmer Art Purpur Glass Door Programmer Art

Oak Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Spruce Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Birch Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Jungle Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Acacia Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Dark Oak Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Iron Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Gold Trapdoor Programmer Art Gold Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Purpur Trapdoor Programmer Art Purpur Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art



Crimson Glass Door Programmer Art Warped Glass Door Programmer Art

Crimson Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art Warped Glass Trapdoor Programmer Art