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Extra CPUs


This is an addon mod for Applied Energistics 2 which adds additional Crafting Storages with more capacity.

Since Applied Energistics only offers a maximum capacity of 64k, the new blocks of this mod can be used to save a lot of space.


The crafting recipes depend on Extra Cells 2 Storage Components.

Since v1.2.0, there are also two forks of Extra Cells supported. Just make sure to use only one of them.


There is a small limitation which I can not bypass though!

Basically, you have to include at least one real Crafting Storage from the mod Applied Energistics in the multiblock so the ME system recognizes it as a valid Crafting CPU.


Please read the in-depth explanation on the GitHub page.



This is a port of the mod Extra Crafting Storage by Zokonius.

Since he discontinued his mod and it is licensed under GPL 3, I decided to update it.


After releasing the first version, he joined the development .



GitHub Readme page