Extra Glass

1,973 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

While this may come as a surprise, Extra Glass is a mod that adds more glass to the game. It's aimed at people who simply want Extra Utilities 2 glass without everything else.


Current added glass types include:

  • Clear Glass: cleared vanilla glass texture

Clear Glass image


  • Dark Glass: allows 0 light through

Dark Glass view


  • Incorporeal Glass: only players can walk through

Incorporeal Glass view


  • Darkened Incorporeal Glass: light level of 0, only players can walk through


  • Luminous Glass: emits light


Upcoming glass types include:

  • Gooey Glass: slows and cancels high velocity upon entry
  • Empowering Glass: gives the user a potion effect based on color

Each type of glass has dyed variants, which are created in the same fashion as vanilla stained glass. 

To craft a glass type, you'll need to start with clear glass. You can make it like so:


clear glass crafting recipe


You can now craft other types by surrounding their respective item with the clear glass.

  • Dark Glass: coal block
  • Incorporeal Glass: ghast tear
  • Luminous Glass: glowsotne block

Darkened variants (such as darkened incorporeal) can be crafted by surrounding a coal block with the base type (incorporeal, in this case)


If you have a suggestion, feel free to post it on this page or the GitHub page. Please post mod related issues on the GitHub tracker.



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