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Extra Bows:

 Adds new variants of bows, bow upgrades and other archery stuff to the game. 


Mod Show Case


Open the Upgrade Inventory with the B key


Change Log:

+ Updated to 1.16.4

+ Fixed 1.16.4 bug


Minecraft Versions:

  • Forge 1.12.2/1.14.4/1.15.2/1.16.4
  • Fabric 1.14.3/1.14.4/1.15.2


  • New vanilla-style bows in all materials (including emerald)
  • 15 unique upgrades for the bows
  • RF Energy support (Electric Bow, Eletric Upgrade)
  • Config Options


  • Double Arrow Upgrade
  • Triple Arrow Upgrade
  • Lightning Upgrade
  • Fire Upgrade
  • Ender Upgrade
  • Freeze Upgrade
  • Explosive Upgrade
  • Healing Upgrade
  • Arrow Cost Upgrade
  • Water Upgrade
  • Bridge Upgrade
  • Push Upgrade
  • Flying Upgrade
  • Meteor Upgrade
  • Energy Upgrade

Upgrade Inventory: (Press B to open)


Bridge Upgrade:


Triple Upgrade:


Freeze Upgrade:


And many others...


Crafting Recipes:

Stone Bow:

(Cobblestone,Vanilla Bow,Strong Stone)

Iron Bow:

(Iron ingot,Stone bow,Strong iron)

Golden Bow:

(Gold ingot,Iron bow,Strong gold)

Diamond Bow:

(Diamond,Iron bow,Strong diamond)

Emerald Bow:

(Emerald,Diamond bow,Strong emerald)

Double Arrow Upgrade:

(Arrow,Upgrade Plate)

Triple Arrow Upgrade:

(Arrow,Upgrade Plate)

Lightning Upgrade:

(Fire charge,Fire rocket,Flint and Steel,Blaze rod,Upgrade plate)

Fire Upgrade:

(Blaze powder,Upgrade plate,Flint and Steel,Blaze rod,Nether wart)

Ender Upgrade:

(Ender pearl,Ender eye,Upgrade plate)

Freeze Upgrade:

(Snowball,Snow block,Upgrade plate)

Explosive Upgrade:

(TNT,Upgrade plate)

Healing Upgrade

(Arrow,Iron sword,Golden Apple,Upgrade plate)

Arrow Cost Upgrade:

(Arrow,Upgrade plate)

Water Upgrade:

(Water bucket,Prismariene chard,Upgrade plate)

Bridge Upgrade:

(Obsidian,Strong diamond,planks(any type),Upgrade plate)

Upgrade Plate:

(Strong iron,Strong  diamond)

Strong Stone:

(Planks(any type),Cobblestone)

Strong Iron:

(Cobblestone,Iron ingot)

Strong Gold:

(Iron ingot,Gold ingot)

Strong Diamond:

(Iron ingot,Diamond)

Strong Emerald:



Supported Languages:

  • German
  • English

Bug report:

If you find a bug please post it on the problems tab above.


Minecraft version: Forge 1.12.2 - Fabric version

ModLoader version: Forge / Fabric

Mod Version: v1.14.4 b1 / v1.12.2 b1

Short Description: Game Crash when shooting emerald bow

Crash log: via pastebin



If you would like to add a language then just post it down in the comments and I will send you a template.



If you have an update idea just Post it down in the comments