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Armor Rendering Despite A V1 Helmet

#25 By  Brother_Leon

Created Dec 7, 2018 Updated Dec 7, 2018


Armor in first vanity slot not disabling the rendering of the main armor.

The head should render IN PLACE OF the iron helmet, yes? So that the helmet does not render?

If reporting a bug, include Minecraft version and mod version.

Brother_Leon   added a tag
  Dec 7, 2018
Dec 7, 2018

Yes, this is a bug. I had attempted an optimization by preventing needless checking for armor to cancel when the first vanity set is empty. Evidently, I ended up actually preventing checking of individual slots based on whether or not the corresponding set is empty. Notice how wearing armor in additional vanity sets causes the canceling to take place.


This is now fixed and will be in the next release.

Edited Dec 7, 2018

Phylogeny   added a tag
  Dec 7, 2018

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