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Extra Arrows (Vanilla Friendly)


== Extra Arrows Mod == 


This vanilla-friendly mod adds additional arrows for all materials from which you can make a sword and keeps the damage scaling of those materials.


These arrows also come with tipped versions that can be crafted using lingering potions just like the vanilla ones.


== Additions ==


- Wood arrow
- Stone arrow
- Iron arrow
- Gold arrow
- Diamond arrow
- Netherite arrow
- Tipped versions of all the previous arrows.

It also re skins the vanilla arrow to make it look like it's made of flint.

== Recipes ==

The recipes for the arrows are the same as the vanilla one, but changing the flint for the correct material (planks, cobblestone, iron ingot, gold ingot or diamond).

Netherite is the only different one, to get those craft 8 diamond arrows with a netherite ingot to get 16 netherite arrows.

Tipped versions can be crafted the same as vanilla; a lingering potion surrounded by 8 arrows of the same material in the crafting table.

== Planed features ==

- Change bow and crossbow textures so the loaded arrow looks the correct material.
- Hoglins can trade Netherite arrows. (suggested by DrunkBlood)
- Fletching table gui support (suggested by oatmealghost)

== Notes ==

- Source code and issue tracker will be added Soon (TM)