Extended Crafting

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Filename ExtendedCrafting-1.12.2-1.5.0.jar
Uploaded by BlakeBr0
Uploaded Sep 30, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 421.77 KB
Downloads 233,176
MD5 53cbbedeb7f114db91d787c1e14a5c98
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Release 1.5.0 for MC 1.12.2


  • Automation Interface improvements:
    • View recipe GUI overhaul:
      • Now contains the players inventory
      • Now shows the recipe output
      • Now has item hover tooltips
      • Fixed weird lighting of block icons
    • A ghost item of the saved recipe's craft result will now render in-world (can be disabled)
    • Shift-clicking one of the direction buttons in the config gui will set it to 'none'
    • Fixed a dupe bug
    • Fixed smart insert not inserting into empty slots
    • Fixed the automation interface sometimes auto-crafting when it shouldn't
  • Crafting Table improvements:
    • The Basic Crafting Table can now be used to craft vanilla recipes (can be disabled)
    • Revamped grid inventories to significantly improve performance
    • Added the Basic Crafting Table to the JEI vanilla crafting category as a catalyst and transfer handler (can be disabled)
  • Added a "required ingredients" hover tooltip to the Combination Crafting JEI category
  • Added a config option to disable waila showing the stored FE of the machines
  • The Quantum Compressor will no longer render a ghost item if there's a block above it
  • Disabled the ability for the Quantum Compressor to be rotated to prevent inventory loss
  • Updated guide book information
  • Fixed inventories not shift-clicking to the correct slots from output

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