Extended Block Shapes 扩展方块形状

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Filename extshape-1.1.0-snapshot.jar
Uploaded by SolidBlock_
Uploaded Aug 12, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +3
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MD5 a983a9f820537889cda73c28f50697a2
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Java 16
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  • 添加了纵向台阶。
  • Added vertical slabs.
  • 为浮冰添加了楼梯、台阶、栅栏、栅栏门。
  • Added stairs, slab, fence and fence gate for packed ice.
  • 现在带釉陶瓦台阶可以旋转了。
  • Glazed terracotta slabs can be rotated now.
  • 移除了弃用的代码。
  • Removed deprecated code.
  • 不再在各对象内存储其 id、基础方块等信息,而是使用 Minecraft 原版注册表储存并调取 id,并使用专门的映射表储存方块与其基础方块的对应关系。
  • Identifiers and base blocks are not stored inside objects any longer; Minecraft vanilla registry for identifiers and specific maps for relations between blocks and their base blocks are used instead.
  • 会从原版的BlockFamilies中导入数据至本模组的BlockMappings。未来或许会直接将BlockMappings合并至BlockFamilies。
  • Imports data from vanilla BlockFamilies to BlockMappings in this mod. In the future, this mod's BlockMappings may be directly merged into BlockMappings.
  • 当前版本仍存在的问题:浮冰台阶下半砖和正立的浮冰楼梯第一阶顶部表面不滑。
  • Issue existing in this version: Packed ice slab bottom half and the first stage of bottom-haft stair are not slippery.
  • 添加了按基础方块排序的物品组。
  • Added item groups where items are sorted by on base blocks.
  • 未完成。
  • Undone.