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 Explorercraft is an adventure and exploration based mod, if the name didn't already give it away! This mod is specifically focused on creating and encouraging those aspects of Minecraft by enhancing vanilla content and adding in new varied content as you traverse your worlds! 

The difference in this mod is how it will all eventually link back around too each other, all the cool, special and unique things in the mod, will require you to explore multiply biomes both high and low, find the unique thing tied to that area, that will eventually come to help you in another!


Vanilla Tweaks: Enjoy exploration with some improved features, such as horse that will swim across rivers! Craftable saddles! Don't want to kill a 1000 drowned for that broken trident? well explore the ocean depths and maybe you'll be able to forge your own and much more!
Taste of Asia: Explore and discover a new beautiful and expansive biome filled with new and exciting blocks, structures and special items inspired by my travels to the east.
Cymru Expansion: Explore and discover specially designed content around my homeland, Wales. You'll need to traverse deep into the slate mines and scale the highest peaks of Snowdonia in search of mystery and rare treasures!
Infection: Explore the muddy and infected wastes and encounter terrible new variants as you discover all the secrets hidden away!


If you're curious as to what's in the mod, well it wouldn't be an exploration based mod if I just outright told you no? But if you want a little direction where to begin in game, I've added a tiered Advancement page, with secrets and progression for the mod! Also try spawning in a bonus chest on world creation, for a chance of your first taste of the mod! However if you mussst know, here is a overly simplified list of some of the things I've added:
  • New World Gen (Biomes, Ores, Structures)
  • New Blocks (Building, Decoration, Custom and Unique Themed)
  • New Items (Tools, Weapons, Food, Rare Items, Custom and Unique Themed)
  • New Mobs


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Does this mod work with Biome's O Plenty, Other worldgen Mods, etc?: It should do! Depends on the mod and how or what they do with biomes, mine are registered in the standard forge way!
  2. Will the Infection Expansion be coming to 1.12.2?: Unfortunately no, Minecraft is forever evolving for the better!  I'd rather invest the time making new content and playing on the latest features than spending it back-porting to 1.12.
  3.  Why the final 1.16.5 version?: With 1.17 out and 1.18 around the corner and the teaser for 1.19, it seem quite a lot of my mods items have been or will be added in some shape or form to the game! Which is fantastic! but made me reflect on the direction I wanted to the mod in the future, as well as prep for modding into 1.18! So the mod isn't going anywhere!




SPOILERS: For those who don't like adventure and exploration! *Pictures show older artwork on mod items/textures **Not fully representative of what is added into the game, much much more is added!

World Generation:

    • 4 new biomes
    • 3 new rock types
    • 3 new ores
    • 6 new trees
    • Rice Paddies
    • Underwater plants
    • New Structures and Dungeons

Decoration Blocks:

    • Each rock type has around 7 decoration blocks, can you discover the recipes for all of them? 
    • All Trees have full decoration options available to them! 
    • Stairs, Slabs, Walls, Fences, Doors for all woods/rocks
    • Potted Plants
    • Tatami Mats
    • Custom Banners
    • More to come later! :)

New Items and Mobs:

    • Tools and armour for all ores
    • Special rare treat, which can only be found in chests that generate in the world
    • New food items
    • New Mob drops
    • New NPC Mob
    • Custom Themed Items
    • More to come later!


Bugs, Updates & Feedback

Any bugs, problems and feedback on the mod is very welcome, especially on the pacing/flow of the exploration related items, as well as texture and artistic feedback too! Ideally, if you can use the Issue tracker on this page, that'd be fantastic but it can also be done in the comment section below or come join the Discord and post in the relevant sections! 



Anyone is free to use my mod in a modpack or to make youtube content, review on a website, etc but all I require is for you to link the downloads back to this page or the relevant file version downloads page! If you do make a mod review or play any youtube series with Explorercraft, please post it in the discord! I love checking out all the videos!