Expanded Storage

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WARNING: If Updating from cursed chests world use version 3.5.28-mcver also BACKUP WOLRD BEFOREHAND.

Expanded Storage Formerly Cursed Chests

This mod adds a few new types of chests which can be combined vertically or on both horizontal axis. Screenshots of all current chests can be found here.

Chest Tiers

Wooden Chest

Able to store 27 stacks of items.

Wood chest recipe

Iron Chest

Able to store 54 stacks of items. (Recipe takes either vanilla chest or cursed chest.)

Gold Chest

Able to store 81 stacks of items.

Diamond Chest

Able to store 108 stacks of items. (Recipe takes any glass even stained.)

Obsidian Chest

Able to store 108 stacks of items. Resistant to explosions like obsidian is.


  • Mod Code and Texture Assets - NinjaPhenix
  • French Translation - Yanis48
  • Simplified Chinese Translation - XuyuEre
  • Pumpkin Chest Textures - Yoghurt4C, These are released into public domain, feel free to use them in any way you wish even in other mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be creating a forge port of this mod? Eventually, yes, however I'm quite busy at the moment with other projects.


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