Expanded Plates

84,588 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 4, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds various new Pressure Plates to Minecraft. Some of the types included are:

  • Plates that only work when activated by a player
  • Plates that only work when activated by a monster
  • Plates that will activate only when a specific entity steps on them
  • Plates that work on anything BUT a player
  • Plates that provide light
  • Plates with various vanilla wood and rock textures like Jungle Wood and Diorite
  • Plates that do some other surprising things!

The mod also adds a new ore, Alluvium, that can only be found around rivers, lakes and shore areas. Alluvium ore is a silt made of sand, clay and gravel. Mining Alluvium can sometimes yield other things as well, like nuggets of Iron or Gold, shards of Glass, Diamonds and even Emeralds. You must find this ore to collect Alluvium Dust and begin the process of creating your specialized pressure plates. Make tools, armor and weapons out of Alluvium too.





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