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Sandwich Mod

🥪 This mod adds many sandwiches.

🍞 Cut bread into slices then put something between those slices!

🍖 Cooked meats make good sandwich.

🍇 🥜 Two new crops added as well: peanuts and grapes, so you can make a peanut butter & jelly!





🥪 Sandwiches 🥪

First, craft some sliced bread.

Add any cooked meat to 2 slices for a sandwich.

Peanut butter jelly sandwiches are also craft-able!

🍴 Food Nutrition and Saturation Values 🍴

Food - Nutrition - Saturation

Bread Slice, Grapes, Peanut - 1 - 0.1F

Grape Jelly - 2 - 0.2F

Peanut Butter, Fried Egg - 3 - 0.3F

Egg Sandwich - 6 - 0.5F

Fish, Salmon, Rabbit Sandwiches - 7 - 0.6F

Chicken, PB&J Sandwiches - 8 - 0.7F

Mutton - 8 - 0.9F

Steak, Pork Sandwiches - 10 - 0.9F

🥜 Peanut Crops 🥜

Find peanut seeds in grass blocks to start your peanut farm.

Get more seeds from peanuts or make peanut butter with 3 peanuts!




🍇 Grape Crops 🍇

Find grape seeds in vines. They are a rare drop.

Get more seeds from grapes or add sugar to make grape jelly!





🍳 Fried Egg Sandwich 🍳

You can craft a fried egg sandwich!

Cook an egg in a furnace or smoker.


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